The TechUnit (hereafter referred to as "TU") takes the data from the sensors from the textile and performs pre-processing. The analog data from the sensors is digitized, filtered and artifacts (noise) are removed from the signal so that only the actual heartbeats are available. This is done with up to over 96% accuracy. Then the TechUnit, or the software in it, calculates the intervals of the heartbeats, the so-called "RR intervals". In medicine, the different phases of the ECG signal are named with letters, and the contraction of the heart, i.e. the heartbeat, is designated with "R".

The app then reads this data and locally calculates the other evaluations.

Switching on the TechUnit

When the TU is off, visible by the LED being off, pressing the LED button turns the TU on.

Switching off the TechUnit

Press the LED button for 3-5 seconds until the LED briefly lights up yellow and then goes out. The TU is then switched off.


Always make sure that the TU is really switched off after use. Otherwise the battery can run empty and then an incorrect time stamp can occur in the TU. 

Charging the battery

Connect the TU with the mini USB cable either to a PC or to a charger for mobile devices.

LED status indicators

- No light, no flashing: the TU is switched off

- Rapid flashing alternating green and red LED: TU is powered on and ready to connect to a smartphone

- Green flashing every few seconds: the TU is connected to the smartphone. The user can turn off this blinking in the app settings.

- Red flashing every 2 seconds: the TU is charging.

- Constant green glow: the TU is fully charged.

Connection with the app

Start the app and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone. Hold the TU near the app and turn it on. The TU will start flashing.

After a few seconds, it is visible on the app's home screen. The connection is established by swiping to the right. In the future, this TU will then connect automatically after the TU and app are switched on.

In this way, the app also finds and connects other measuring devices supported by us. At the time of writing, this is the Polar H10 chest strap. Other devices will follow.