Our previous stress test, now called "expert mode," measures the stress on the autonomic nervous system and provides a comprehensive, scientifically validated analysis. The results are placed in the context of a comparison group consisting of 15,000 people. However, this comparison group does not include top-trained athletes, so the statements about stress levels may not always be accurate. Therefore, we developed the "athlete mode".


The athlete mode allows the calculation of an individual baseline, which can be used to control the training for ambitious athletes. For a determination of this baseline, at least 10 stress analyses must be performed on consecutive days (single "missed days" are ok though). To maximize the validity of the baseline, all analyses should be performed in comparable circumstances to reduce confounding influences. We therefore recommend that the baseline analysis be performed in the morning after getting up, without prior coffee consumption and sitting as quietly as possible. For this reason, the analysis can also only be performed in the morning between 4:00 am and 11:00 am.


Once the baseline has been successfully determined, the ambiotex app will provide recommendations on which training intensity is suitable for the given day after the subsequent analyses in the morning. If the HRV-based measure is lower than usual, training at a lower intensity is recommended. If, on the other hand, it is similar or greater than usual, training with maximum effort can be performed. This is only a recommendation based on the available data. The final decision on training intensity is made solely by the athlete.


The underlying variable is derived from the high-frequency component of heart rate variability (HR). Scientific studies (see e.g. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17849143/) indicate that regulation of training intensity based on HR can significantly improve the success of endurance training, especially with regard to maximal endurance stress.

Note: even after the first 10 analyses to determine the individual baseline, HRV analyses must be performed at least every 2 days. Otherwise the baseline determination starts from the beginning over 10 days/analyses. The background is that we assume that only ambitious, very well trained athletes use this mode and are therefore interested in a regular measurement. Average trained persons get meaningful results with the expert mode, because they are usually in the reference group of 15,000 persons.